What is a periodontics treatment?

The periodontal diseases, as gingivitis or periodontitis can become very unpleasant, painful and even dangerous. The first refers to an inflammation in the gums, product of an infection; while the second occurs when this infection reaches the alveolar bone.

Regardless of its type, both diseases put at risk the structure that supports the teeth, Thus, require a periodontics treatment timely and effective that can restore dental health.

  1. What is periodontics??
  2. What is a periodontics treatment?
  3. Types of periodontics treatments
    1. Non-surgical periodontal treatments
    2. Surgical periodontal treatments
    3. Periodontal plastic surgery
  4. Advantages of periodontal treatments

What is periodontics??

Before talking about periodontal treatments, it is important to define what is the periodontology. This specialty refers to the branch of dentistry that is responsible for the study and treatment of diseases that put both the gums and periodontium at risk, which is the structure that supports the teeth (alveolar tissues and bone).

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In the same order of ideas, these diseases are the gingivitis and the periodontitis, who may have symptoms ranging from bleeding, halitosis and tartar until tissue loss, loose teeth and definitive loss of teeth.

What is a periodontics treatment?

A periodontics treatment is one that consists of the application of various procedures and techniques used to treat and cure the symptoms associated with periodontal diseases. Similarly, these treatments can be applied to prevent their occurrence.

Solo dentista en Salamanca and the rest of Spain specialized in periodontics are those who are qualified to practice this branch of dentistry and indicate and apply their treatments.

Types of periodontics treatments

Depending on the type of periodontal disease in question and the severity of its symptoms, these are the types of periodontal treatments a patient can access:

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Non-surgical periodontal treatments

Non-surgical periodontal treatments are indicated when the patient's symptoms can still be treated without the need for surgical intervention. Among them can be mentioned the plate control, complementary therapy with chemical agents, sub and supragingival scraping, and root planing.

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The latter consists of root cleaning, to try to remove tartar accumulated in the gingival groove or periodontal pocket.

Surgical periodontal treatments

When the periodontal pocket is too deep or when the symptoms of the diseases have advanced too far, to the point that they cannot be treated with a scrape or root planing, it is necessary to apply a surgical periodontal treatment. These, they are usually made for the purpose of effectively clean both the root and alveolar bone or to restore the structure that supports the teeth.

Some surgical periodontic treatments are gingivectomy and flap cleaning.

Periodontal plastic surgery

This type of periodontal treatment is performed with the main objective of eliminate and correct deformations in the gums or alveolar tissue. Can be applied after periodontal surgery. Gingivoplasty is the most popular periodontal plastic surgery.

Advantages of periodontal treatments

These are the main advantages that patients can obtain from any of the periodontic treatments:

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  • Removal of tartar and bacterial plaque.
  • Reduces the risk of bleeding gums.
  • Corrects the mobility of teeth.
  • Decreases the possibility of tooth loss.
  • Prevents the appearance of halitosis.
  • Returns functionality and aesthetics to gums and teeth.
  • Prevents the appearance or reappearance of periodontal diseases.

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