What is a Birth Chart and how does it influence our life??


Despite the time in which we live, they still exist so many things and events that we cannot explain, much less understand. And several of them are expressly linked to the planets, the elements, time and animals. Thus, to know the exact situation that was occurring within all those elements at the time of our birth (or any other particular situation), can help us understand what is the plan that is in place for us within the configuration of the destination.

  1. What is an astral or birth chart?
  2. Who am I and how does my zodiac sign affect it??
  3. The daily horoscope as a prediction
  4. Zodiacal houses as the guides of the astral personality

What is an astral or birth chart?

This little business card of the universe, it's just a detailed guide that shows the point of location of the stars at the time our life began or some important event of this. What generates as a consequence that we have an idea about the development of this situation or our own personality. I mean, it is the way in which the cosmos influences us, in our lives and the destiny of this.

Thus, it is understandable that you have some innate curiosity about this map. Since represents a possible path for that destiny that was interposed to us by the universe. So, to say, my astral chart, it's nothing more than a tool that's within easy reach of a click to get there to the best version of ourselves, one that is being built by ourselves and the stars themselves, working side by side, many times without us noticing it.

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Who am I and how does my zodiac sign affect it??

The moment of our birth is the primordial and defining effect for the universe., Thus, the place, time and date are the elements that come to define our sun sign, moon sign and ascendant, of which, although it seems surprising depend on the most basic aspects of our personality or character that is known as the central identity of each human being., in addition to the influence that the stars have on our lives.

On the other hand, since our own soul or inner conduct is closely linked to these zodiac signs and ancestry, specific details, as lexact time of birth and place, they manage to establish a unique voice of the universe in each of the people who exist on the planet. That's why, is called the astral chart, for it is the graph through which the cosmos allows people to understand their own energies and rhythms., in addition to the way in which they operate within each person.

The daily horoscope as a prediction

Within the wide and mysterious world of the astrology and clairvoyance, the Tarot always seems to be whispering in every person's ear, the aspects they must follow to reach their full potential. Therefore,, The daily horoscope, it's one of the many ways in which, the universe weaves truths, tales and secrets around a person, At the same time, that allows you to make your own decisions and create your path in the world.

In such a wise way, but at the same time forceful, that all that needs to be done is to slow down daily life and listen to the depth of the universe itself., which, mentions details that predict what a person's life or personality may soon become. In a way that, with a simple consultation, advice and interpretations of the Arcane can be obtained, for every occasion or situation is special, beyond skepticism or doubts.

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Zodiacal houses as the guides of the astral personality

Within Astrology as the study of the position and movement of the stars, Exist Twelve Houses which are the basis of the study of astral personality. You are in primordial establish our zodiac signs and properly they are the particular area in which the stars, give the best signs about our life, In addition, it is in the Houses where the different energies of the planets, work for a future according to our potential.

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So, it can be said that the ZodiacAl Wheel symbolizes the journey that each of us has to make in his passage through nature and his own life. Not to mention, What each House represents a phase, a step on that path of personal discovery and cosmic guidance, What, beyond giving false claims of a constantly changing future, shows the signals for the right decisions to be made.

In such a way that, getting our astrological chart, it's just the first step to reach all the potential that the universe has set for us.

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