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Hearing the phrase "Search Engine" it is normal that you immediately associate the idea with Google, something that really isn't wrong, but today that main idea of a technology capable of finding the best results with respect to an investigation, content or doubt, has generated much more fabric than cutting about it, therefore, los motores de búsqueda son hoy en día, an open path to find any specialization you want, even that of a professional in the academic area, biotechnology and scientific.

What is a start-up and how does it benefit me??

A start-up is any brand or start-up company that is founded with little seniority., but with a lot of effort, so that, it is usual that its creators or staff is composed mainly of professionals young people and entrepreneurs. What represents that all its business model goes hand in hand with the most innovative ideas of Digital Marketing and development with the public, while addressing a technological and first-hand spectrum, making it clear that most of these types of companies have ample growth and a very stable capacity for business.

On the other hand, being a start-up entirely founded by entrepreneurs, who use their own work experiences, professional and social to stay in operation, this type of business is usually very beneficial for the public, especially in the field of innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Since they take the previous concepts of Human Resources and stable business models and combine them with ideas arising from the internet, specifically in this case of Key Opinion Leaders, search engines working with an artificial intelligence algorithm, to give the best results, that are endorsed even by other professionals in the field of medicine.

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How does Key Opinion Leaders work??

Being a Start-up born by entrepreneurs, these professionals have created their own search engine, being properly responsible the engineer Ana Codallo of the Simón Bolívar University and the engineer Luis Marcano of the University of Zulia, both located in Venezuela, although the company itself, is working in Canada and is there, where the main function of Key Opinion Leaders, like a search engine like any other, only that, instead of looking for doubts and data of the show business, you can find well-known people in the field of science, medical research and professional academics.

In a nutshell it's as if Google and Facebook, come together so that any person or company can quickly find the best options regarding the human capital they want to have nearby, which are valued for their influence in its specific branches, his reputation and especially about his published research. Also showing a catalog of professionals in all unimaginable parts of medicine, scientific research and biotechnology, in around 170 countries around the world.

How does this Search Engine work?

Just like any other reputable search engine, part of an artificial intelligence that uses an algorithm capable of predicting the level of influence of the academic concepts or scientists, also filtering by specific elements that users may require in the same way as, disease names, deployed devices, medicines and above all the quality of the research they are carrying out in a specific branch, which can range from research on leprosy or any other recognized disease.

Finally, when the institute or person gets their result in the search engine, you will be sure that the professional is the right person for the objective you want to achieve, but it wouldn't just be because of the opinion of an AI, but by the opinion of the community, so that, according to the words of the creator herself, "Collective trust and contextualization of that trust, are the centerpieces of technology", which makes it a safe bet and really simple to use, since, whether you can use Google, also Key Opinion Leaders.

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Who is already using this technology??

Given the professional grade that this search engine has, your best users currently are the hospitals, in addition to both public and private research teams, in several countries of the world (around 170 as mentioned before), but the final idea is that any person or public or private entity, may at some point find the trained staff that you need in the investigative matter you are carrying out, because the main objective of Key Opinion Leaders is that all the research carried out and to be carried out yields positive results, thanks to the influence of the most trained staff in the world.

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So, it is impossible not to find the right professional today, because this search engine has a database of at least 50 millions of people, listas para comenzar a cambiar el mundo.

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The most original dreams of users

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If you want to understand the concept that all your dreams have, we invite you to check our page, where we decipher the hidden messages they bring, with incredible and accurate performances, introducing those that manage to seem abstract enough for someone to get them to encompass. Since this is your place, keep reading or use our search engine to find the interpretation of your dreams.

Dreams are the mental activity induced by sensomotor creativity throughout the hours of rest. This is experienced as a kind of situation lived, beyond that they don't have the properties to make this viable, like sites, timelines, the people shown in them and the actions of both them, like ours.

During dreams some feelings are compromised, which we perceive in their entirety, these emotions have a chance to change quite a bit, the most recurrent are fear, fury and rejoicing, but they also have the possibility to make themselves present the sadness, responsibility or shame, reaching on numerous occasions such strength that they have the ability to wake us up and disturb us for numerous hours, even days.

Before we continue to delve into the interpretation of dreams we leave you the last dreams published in our dictionary in case you want to take a look at them!

During the 1970s until the late 1980s dreams were supposed to have no sense, and they really were thousands of meaningless images or link, but since the brain doesn't support these kinds of situations, waking up and starting to remember some excerpts, you start to look for some coherence, However, interpreting our dreams is viable.

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The dream world, the lucid listed dreams are those that we have a chance to remember when we wake up, sometimes being aware of it and being able to modify the logic of these at our convenience. In most situations they are totally spontaneous, but have the possibility of cases where they are induced through different practices and exercises.

The dream lucidity lies only in the opportunity to fully remember what happened throughout the night within our unconscious. This is not a difficult thing., but quite a lot of people are so focused on her all the time that they have no aptitude for doing this so important, but this stage can be overcome with simplicity, simply paying more attention to one's desires.

Since the beginning of civilizations, the human race attached enormous importance to dreams and their likely meanings, considering them as a source of prophecies of the future to come or messages and observations sent by the gods. In more recent times, different psychologists and psychiatrists claim that dreams vary depending on the civilization in which we grew up.

To come to some conclusions and understand if dreams have real meanings, beyond simple random images that misrepresent occasions we've experienced, numerous studies have been conducted, among them choose a set of individuals able to remember all the occasions that were on the dream planet and make them carry a period of them over an extended season, and then analyze them.

It was concluded that dreams have the possibility of giving a lot of information about our emotions, fundamentally those we don't know about or those we're trying to completely ignore. Now we're going to keep telling you all the essentials to understand how to interpret dreams.

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The science responsible for studying everything related to dreams and their meanings is called onyromancy, and we're talking about a group of techniques that are used to decipher them. Professionals in this sector analyze the different elements that make up these night fantasies, in order to put all the pieces together and find the right interpretation. This can also be feasible with numerous dreams, if they are believed to have a sequence between them.

Dreams are ads, usually from our unconscious, although some have the possibility of being divine or other chato warnings, Oséa, are much more important than us, and it's feasible that we never understand what they want to tell us in integrity. That's why, it is substantial that we leave the exams and interpretations in the hands of professionals who manage to cover the whys of these.


Although quite people don't know it, dreams are the means that our unconscious finds to offer us to understand the internal conflicts of which we are not reflecting in depth, or that we're trying to omit on different grounds. They also have the possibility of being a busy all the time, so that we can see something that we missed as prominent and that is substantial.

The truth is that all dreams are not the same, and vary according to the person. Some are very fast and we only manage to remember them, others by the opposite catch our attention a lot and we remember them longer, some of them even for years, usually because of how real we've perceived them.

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