The importance of psychology in the treatment of addictions

Thanks to the work of some addiction experts such as Health Psychologists, people can leave behind different types of dependencies

Definitely, The addiction treatment has undergone a significant evolution in recent times, thanks in large part to the field of psychology. And it is that today, some psychologists have specialized in the field of addictions, so they develop psychotherapies to help people. A clear example of these addiction experts, we found it in Health psychologists.

For those who don't know it, Health Psychologists is made up of a group of professionals from the world of psychology, psychotherapy and medicine, so it offers a characteristic approach that is based on the medical psychology. I mean, these addiction specialists carry out advanced treatments, where the psychological field and the medical field converge.

further, these professionals also address other psychological problems such as anxiety, stress or depression, which are treated through different types of psychotherapies. That's why, These specialized psychologists have become an excellent choice for people who need help overcoming various traumas or addictions.

  1. What are the most common addictions?
    1. What causes causes addictions in people?
    2. How should addictions be treated?

What are the most common addictions?

First of all, it is essential to understand the difference between addiction and abuse, because they are two behaviors that look similar - both cause harm in people's lives -, but nevertheless, abuse takes a lower step than addiction. It can therefore be said, that in many cases, abuse is the pre-step Addiction, although there are people who abuse a substance and don't become dependent.

Both abuses and abuses Addictions have serious consequences on people's health, which can affect the family environment, social or work. Abuse and addiction don't have to be related to a particular substance, because they can also occur with certain behaviors. Thus, you may wonder which addictions are the most common today?

According to the addiction experts Health Psychologists, today, there are some substances that still lead the ranking of dependencies such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, tranquilizers or stimulants. But nevertheless, there are also many addictions that are linked to certain topics or behaviors such as gambling, work, sport, sex, shopping, technology and pornography.

What causes causes addictions in people?

When an addict starts advanced treatment, The addiction specialists do a previous job to analyze the possible causes behind the problem. And it is that in all cases, people who are addicted to a substance or behavior have a prior vulnerability, which is usually closely related to the personality itself.

In this sense, we can talk about people who are very nervous, impulsive or overactive, but also people with low self-esteem or poverty in social and family relationships. This second case is especially noteworthy, because they are addicted people who are devoid of affection, so they have enormous difficulties dealing with different everyday situations.

And of course, people with emotional instability and intolerance of frustration may end up falling into some kind of addiction. further, people with other disorders such as anxiety, stress or depression is very vulnerable to certain substances and behaviors. Thanks to this analysis of the causes, Addiction experts can help people overcome the problem more easily.

How should addictions be treated?

Regardless of the type of dependency, it is best to go to a center specialized in the addiction treatment, because they work with authentic professionals who know how to develop the most appropriate therapy in each case. And it's not the same to treat an addiction to a certain substance, that an addiction to a particular behavior.

For example, if we talk about substance addictions, specialized subject-matter psychologists advise multiple treatment, within which health care is combined, individual psychotherapy and group therapy. On the other hand, in the case of behavioral addictions, the most appropriate thing is to slowly reduce its frequency, so that people can end up controlling them in their daily lives.

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