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The field of medical research, is one of which the future depends on the health of humanity, just like one that is constant search for human capital more suitable for investments, weather, instruments and above all lives are not wasted or lost in any way, so that, it is necessary whenever regardless of the research field to which it is being alluded, this possesses the specialists best recommended by both their colleagues, as for their work something that is really difficult to find especially when it comes to a company or group that are working with staff from all over the world. That's why, It's just, thanks to the idea of two Venezuelan engineers, Was born Key Opinion Leaders.

  1. The importance of this Search Engine
  2. The functionality of the Key Opinion Leaders
  3. Who are its creators??
  4. Why should I then use Key Opinion Leaders?

The importance of this Search Engine

The idea of the importance of having a highly qualified professional around for the type of research, biotechnological theory or proposal or doctor being performed, has been completely clear, leaving only the question, about how to find this person quickly, effective and free, but on top of that, that it safely meets all requested requirements in a verifiable manner. It is thanks to this question that it is born Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) as a search engine developed by Venezuelan engineers who have experimented with cutting-edge technology from Canada and the rest of the world, that also, is guided by an Artificial Intelligence to give the clearest and most accurate results, in a time less than seven seconds.

These results are based on professional merits, opinions of other experts in the field, studies carried out and reputation, that are classified according to an algorithm that gives as a final term that they are obtained between the 50 millions of professional profiles that are part of the platform, that each one be ordered starting with the most suitable for the job.

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The functionality of the Key Opinion Leaders

Just like any recognized search engine, such as Google. It is only necessary to place the specific name or surname of a professional who already knows himself in the search bar and immediately he will do the work of break down a search about your work or what you are developing today, a method for when you already have a clear idea of who a potential candidate might be, on the other hand when you are adrift, it is only necessary to place on the bar, on behalf of the disease to be investigated or the type of pathogen, to obtain the results in this regard of who is more versed in that field.

On the other hand, elements such as instruments to be used, the types of medicines and even the country, they are also selectable in the search engine, which can work collectively or individually to obtain the best possible results to the search. On the other hand, the service is completely free and so simple to use that anyone can give themselves the freedom to find the professional they need..

Who are its creators??

The people in charge of creating and implementing this new search technology, are the engineer Ana Codallo graduated from the Simón Bolívar University and Luis Marcano graduated from the University of Zulia, both houses of studies based in Venezuela but with a wide projection and connection with the international arena, so that, the idea of really allowing anyone, anywhere in the world you can find the subject matter expert you need, is so beneficial for professionals in that country, like any other, After all, medicine tends to transgress any kind of border.

In addition, one of the creators has stated in interviews that the intention that gave life to the project, it was just to give him more visibility to the work done in lesser-known medical areas, in a way that people with an interest in certain research can know exactly who the person with the most collective confidence is, for your specific project. Something that until now had not been seen in this area.

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Why should I then use Key Opinion Leaders?

It may look like this search engine raises an option for professionals or companies looking for other professionals, something that is entirely true, but this technology also goes a little further including even natural persons who are looking for a specialist doctor.. In fact, both public and private hospitals and clinics, are among the main users of this search engine.

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So, when it comes to having the need to look for a person with all the characteristics, both professionals, as a collective trust there is no greater doubt that the Key Opinion Leaders, is the best option, not only for its ease, but for their specialization in obtaining the best results, for anyone, anywhere in the world.

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