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Dreams are the result of a dream phase of our mind, are apparently images that take place as our body rests, but not our mind, that continues to operate at a higher level. Leaving behind a number of questions that so far have not really been answered, although many scientists and philosophers have dedicated their entire lives to studying this phase of our subconscious., which even becomes a manifestation of our desires.

  1. Why do we dream??
  2. What do our dreams represent??
  3. What does it mean to dream of animals??
  4. ¿Qué tanto de lo que vemos en nuestros sueños pasa realmente?
  5. Is the meaning of a dream the same as its interpretation??

Why do we dream??

Throughout our lives, we get to have a surprising amount of dreams, some that we manage to remember perfectly and others that are only anchored as a mystical sensation. And this happens, thanks to the fact that throughout our lives we face different situations, Challenges, or risks, as well as looking for different desires, goals or hopes.

On the other hand, as human beings, by ensuring that the emotions found in our subconscious are buried there. Todos estos sentimientos se manifiestan durante las horas de descanso. Lo que representa que el significado de los sueños puede fácilmente saberse a través de ciertos estudios de la psique y en That's why, la razón por la cual soñamos en todas nuestras etapas de la vida, is strictly linked, to everything we leave aside, as human beings, mystical beings and even who we are in front of the universe itself.

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What do our dreams represent??

There is a wide variety of elements that we dream of. From animals, objects or people, up to an unlimited number of situations which can be so crazy that they rarely make sense. Only, no matter what a dream is, this has a representation which now may be possible to know even thanks to a website, as long as you have the experience of studying dreams.

Taking, for example, one of the most common dreams which is to see strangers or fictional characters, they represent a premonition about what is to come. Unknown characters may be upcoming people to meet, instead fictional characters or celebrities, are simply uNa motivation to be what we want to be.

What does it mean to dream of animals??

Other of the many common dreams that human beings possess, are encounters or interaction with animals. Only, dreaming about animals, it has an infinite variety of meanings ranging from reflecting irrational aspects of our personality., even a possible stalking that is close to happening.

Beyond that, at the time of dreaming about animals the secret for interpretation of these, is found in the animals themselves. When they are wild or domestic, when they attack us or help us, when you are caged or free, when they are giving birth or just dying, not to mention fantastic or mythological animals, since, each one represents something different that says a lot about our animal version, and the people around us.

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¿Qué tanto de lo que vemos en nuestros sueños pasa realmente?

This may be the most frequent question people ask when they have a dream., only that, despite the many studies carried out on this question, many more elements are needed to correctly interpret a dream and the possibilities that this has to become a reality. Since there are indeed premonitory dreams that end up being entirely real or mere Deja Vu, but others are so subjective that they need specialized help.

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This is why it is important know the details and context of dreams, since the meaning and fulfillment of a dream for our life will depend on it., even for our environment or for our destiny. So, it could be said that all dreams actually happen or come to manifest dangers., hidden feelings or warnings, if we manage to have the necessary tools to interpret them correctly.

Is the meaning of a dream the same as its interpretation??

As dreams are an area of man who still has much to explain about themselves, just knowing what a dream means, it doesn't really make us know what its interpretation and application to our lives will be.. I mean, a white dove in our dreams being in a situation of conflict, clearly represents peace and resolve, on the other hand, the same animal but that is attacking us in an equally conflictive environment, it means bad news is coming.

Outside of that, it is important to know that every dream has its interpretation no matter what stranger it is.. From barbaric Vikings to dreaming of ghosts have meaning, and these will easily be interpreted by subject matter experts who can easily be found with the reach of a click..



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